## 4 Power Foods To Eat For A Healthy Body
After 2 years of trying to figure out how to make and stick to a diet plan and exercise regime for [weight and muscle gain](https://blog.balancednarrative.com/physical-health/why-you-cant-gain-weight/ "Why You Can’t Gain Weight"), I have eaten an exorbitant number of different foods throughout my entire process of trial and error.

So today I’m giving an overview of my 4 favourite foods I’ve come to love and why.

To be honest, trying out a variety of different foods actually helped me to better understand my taste buds and the benefits those foods provide to my body.

1. Rye Bread

Fantastic, simply fantastic. I can’t remember who introduced me to this glorious alternative of bread but they deserve a medal for convincing me to bat for this team. I’ve been consuming rye bread for well over two-years, and believe you me – there is a very good reason why I haven’t turned back.

Once You Go Rye – Your Body Won’t Die

I’m not really one for describing foods in an illustrious, sexual manner however I do focus on the benefits they provide to my body, and most importantly – how they make me feel

King of Fibre? Potentially So.

I always assumed that stool was supposed to be thick and heavy, but that was until I began researching the role and importance of fibre in the body, and discovering that most people only get 14g of fibre out of the recommended daily allowance of 18g.

Fibre has been documented to help prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and some cancers. Whilst it hasn’t made any stark improvements to the overall texture of my skin (not as if it was supposed to anyways), I can confirm that my stomach is finally trouble-free, and constipation is no more.

I love rye bread purely because of how easy it is to chew and consume. Upon first consuming rye, I hated it, thought it stunk and could never finish even 1 slice. However this was due to my negligence of choosing a brand that was just too sweet.

A word of warning however, rye bread is insanely high in fibre. If you’re not currently used to consuming a fibrous diet, make sure you consume copious amounts of water – otherwise your stomach will never forgive you!

Rye bread and fibre in general are incredibly satiating. After consuming just two slices of rye bread, I found myself feeling naturally full. So in full in fact, that I didn’t consume a single piece of food for another 6 hours.

That’s how powerful fibrous foods are to the body, and why they’re instrumental to a weight-loss diet.

2. Salmon

My relationship with Salmon as my favourite fish goes way back. My mother always uttered the phrase “fish is good for you!”, however as children, me and my siblings were never the ‘why’.

I love Salmon primarily because of it’s beautiful texture and taste, which in my opinion surpasses all of the other oily-fishes. Containing ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, Salmon is the perfect food to consume not only for a clean source of protein and healthy fats, but also for Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin), as Salmon is one of the very few foods in the world whereby vitamin D is naturally occurring.

You want The D!

Pilot studies and regional monitoring suggests that vitamin D deficiency is likely to affect at least half the UK’s white population, up to 90% of the multi-ethnic population and a quarter of all children living in Britain.

This is pretty serious. 90% of the knowledge we know about vitamin D has been discovered in only the last 10 years, and apparently fish and sunlight isn’t always enough. Better start thinking about stocking up on those supplements!

BBC News – ‘Action needed on vitamin D levels’

3. Sweet Potatoes

I began including sweet potatoes in my diet very recently.

It is also one of the foods I include in my diet purely because of its dietary and nutritional benefits.

So what about the taste?

It tasted pretty bland at first, but that’s probably because I didn’t know any good sweet potato recipes at first.

Now I absolutely love them, and its high vitamin A content is just too much to pass up.

Vitamin A – Gone Wrong

I used to eat sweet potatoes with spinach (another vitamin A giant), buckwheat, black eyed-beans and salmon almost every day for a few weeks as my post-workout meal. However, doing so resulted in me suffering from some of the symptoms of vitamin A toxicity.

Why was this the case you ask? I was consuming about 1100% of the RDA for vitamin A! Which is roughly 11x of what a normal health adult should be consuming. In addition to this I didn’t invest in a scale, and knowing the fact that Tesco’s provides some of the largest sweet potatoes I’ve ever laid my eyes on, I had no concrete idea of how much vitamin A I was actually consuming.

To put things into a greater perspective, I was essentially consuming enough vitamin A for an entire football team. How do you think my body dealt with that? Definitely a rookie mistake on my part.

However there is a shining light in this story. I understood the true benefits of vitamin A, and how important its role is to the healthy functioning of the human body.

4. Walnuts

Personally my all-time favourite of the nut family. I have tried almonds, pistachios, pecans, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, and whilst they’re all great in their own way, for me, walnuts are king.

I first tried walnuts back in 2011, when relentlessly searching for superfoods for weight gain. Almost every source on the first page of Google’s search results listed walnuts as the food that is perfect for weight gain.

What is my verdict? I agree unanimously with the others, walnuts are perfect, not only for weight gain but for a healthy heart as well.

Pack on The Lbs

I love walnuts, they have a crunchy, nutty texture and boy do they pack in a lot of calories (700 calories per 100g)

Walnuts are practically my saviour! And I mean it. I usually eat them with a tin of baked beans daily, and I have never failed to gain weight with them since. That’s 1,000 calories! Equalling 1/3 of the amount I personally recommend to people who struggle to gain weight, and the best part is that it takes roughly less than 15 minutes to consume.

However, don’t de dissuaded from walnuts purely due to their high fat content and calories. They are super-healthy, and as you should know, fats of the mono and poly-unsaturated variety are actually a requirement for the body to perform at optimal levels.

So there you have it, those are the 4 power foods I never leave out of my diet. As you can see, I focus more on the nutritional benefits far more than the taste. However, once I’ve reached my weight goals, I will begin striving for balance, picking foods that are nutritionally dense and incredibly tasty.